All About Me

Yes, that’s a younger me with a younger Brad Pitt.  He’d just finished working on “Legends of the Fall”.  

I lived on a sailboat for several years, started to sail around the world, but after 8 months, returned to the USA.  I’ve traveled to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Bora Bora, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, UK, Holland, Belgium, Mexico, Tahiti and I won a week in Hawaii, all expenses paid from answering movie trivia questions on an LA radio show.


From 1982 to 2009 I settled down and worked in the Motion Picture industry.  I was lucky enough to work on films like Dances With Wolves (I got to attend the Academy Awards), Silence of the Lambs, Notting Hill, Casino Royale, Spiderman and 100s of other films.


Now I work training and photographing dogs.  I also travel in search of wildlife, Yellowstone twice and other National Parks.  Hopefully Costa Rica soon.  

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